Studio Seicho


Elke Van dermijnsbrugge is the mind and artist behind Studio Seicho.

Elke was introduced to shodō (Japanese calligraphy) in Kyoto, Japan. She continued her practice and had the opportunity to complete several courses with Gohitsu Shodo Studio.

Inspiration comes from a number of well-reputed Japanese shodō masters such as Shodo Harada, Yamada Mumon and Hosokawa Roshi.

With traditional shodō as well as more contemporary and unconventional interpretations, Studio Seicho brings an extra dimension to calligraphy, making it accessible to a wider audience that loves unique designs.

The studio welcomes custom work and specific requests.

Through its designs, Studio Seicho also includes philosophical views and a passion for aesthetics, contemporary arts and the written word.

Mastering calligraphy is a lifelong journey, reflected in the word ‘seicho’, ‘grow.’

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Article in Beyond Calligraphy, October 2016